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We loved working with Madi, go ahead and check out her life style blog mrsmadijane. Her and her husband were so relieved to receive these silicone wedding rings. They love wearing them because...

  1. lifestyle blog fitnessThey are constantly getting their wedding bands banged up when doing anything active.
  2. Have you ever lifted weights with your wedding ring? The designs, diamonds and edges constantly dig into/pinch your skin..It hurts! because of this they and many others don't wear their wedding rings during major parts of the day.
  3. People don't appreciate when their spouse is not wearing their wedding rings through major parts of the day. 

That's why Madi and and her husband love these rings, not only are they inexpensive, they are incredibly strong and flexible. These rings allow you to show your commitment during all activities so you can keep your diamond and wedding bands safe from damage.