Being very active, we find ourselves taking our wedding rings off during physical activities. When speaking with many others, we find we are not alone. Whether you are going to the gym, rock climbing, boating, you name it.. many are taking their wedding rings off.  They don't want to lose/ruin them. That's why we came up with a solution. 

With Grizzly Rings you can stay active while showing your commitment. Each time you hit the gym or other physical activities. Show that you are committed, not just to your spouse, but to being a better you, to pushing and reaching new limits.

Be A Part Of The Grizzly Family

The Grizzly family is about strength in commitment and reaching your true potential. With the Grizzly stamped on each ring, you can proudly showcase your commitment to the one you love while you continually reach new heights. We love seeing the success of everyone, from scaling mountains to finishing races. Whatever it is that you do, we want to see and hear about it. Send us pictures and stories of your latest adventures. We want to be a part of your successes.


Stay committed

Now when you take your wedding ring off for certain activities for fear of ruining, losing or damaging your ring. You can replace it with Grizzly Rings allowing you to take on any activity while showing you are always committed.

Stay Active

We believe in staying active and experiencing the outdoors. Go outside and find new adventures while building memories with your loved ones.


Grizzly Rings are resistant to scratches and dents while having a strong elasticity. Being Made from high grade silicone, each ring is Heat and UV resistant. These rings will hold up during rock climbing and the most intense X fit work outs you can thing of.


Having high elasticity allows added safety and comfort during any activity. Jammed Finger? Ring will stretch easy, allowing you to pull it right off.


Mechanics, electricians love these rings. If you work with electricity, don't worry, each ring is non-conductive.