What are Grizzly Rings?
Grizzly rings are different from your typical rubber wedding rings. These rings are extremely durable, made from high grade silicone. Each time you put on your Grizzly ring, you are showing commitment to your spouse and your active lifestyle. You won’t even feel that you are wearing a ring. We have created each Silicone ring to be light-weight and flexible.

What if my ring doesn't fit?
If for whatever reason your ring doesn't fit, you have 14 days to reach out and return your ring for a size that will fit.

will my ring stretch?
Yes, one of the many benefits to our rings. They will stretch slightly to fit the shape of your finger. Each ring will stretch over your knuckles and quickly return to it’s size.

What if I am a 1/2 size?
Because of the material of our rings, we do not need to make half sizes. If you are a half size, we suggest going down a size. For example, if you wear a 9.5 we suggest ordering a 9. this will insure that your ring fits comfortably and is not too tight on your finger.

How should it feel?
You wont even recognize its on your finger. Grizzly Rings are meant to be light weight and comfortable, slightly snug and never tight.

I want to sell/carry Grizzly Rings at our store or gym facility.
We would love to help you get Grizzly Rings into your Gym or store. Please contact us at grizzlyrings@gmial.com

Who should wear Grizzly Rings?
You no longer need to worry about damaging your wedding band or losing a diamond. Whether your are doing something active, cleaning or maybe even working. You no longer need to show a naked finger. Grizzly Rings allows you to show your commitment when your regular wedding ring cant.