The Best Alternative When Your Regular Wedding Ring Isn’t Up For the Challenge.

With a passion for the active lifestyle, we find ourselves constantly taking our wedding rings off during physical activities. We don't want to scratch or ruin our wedding rings. That's why we created Grizzly Rings. These strong durable, silicone rings are worn when the traditional wedding ring can't. Not only does each ring represent commitment to your spouse. It represents your commitment to succeed, to reach new heights. You are meant to achieve greatness and it all starts with commitment.

What Are Grizzly Rings?

Each ring is made of high-grade silicone, built to last much longer than the average rubber wedding ring. Each time you put the grizzly ring on, you are showing commitment to your spouse and your active lifestyle. You won’t even feel that you are wearing a ring. We have created each ring to be light-weight and flexible, insuring that you have the comfort you deserve.

Who Can Wear Silicone Wedding Bands?

If you are focused on fitness or the active lifestyle, then you are familiar with being committed and setting goals. If you are married, you generally find yourself taking your wedding band off during any type of physical activity. Wedding bands can be very expensive, we don't want to scratch, dent or lose them. We sure don't want to jam our fingers while wearing them. Grizzly Rings makes it easy to show you are committed to your spouse in any action. These Grizzly Rings are so much more than just a rubber wedding ring. These high grade silicone rings are built to withstand extreme physical activity.
We have heard from many how much they love our rings, even when they are not participating in athletic activities. These rings are a great substitute for those who are in construction and manufacturing, who don’t want their regular wedding rings getting caught on anything. Many who garden have told us they love that they can get their hands dirty and still wear a ring. They no longer need to take their wedding rings off or spend time cleaning the dirt and grime out of their diamonds.

Calling All Crossfit Lovers

You know that CrossFit can be intense.It's not uncommon to complete your WOD with ripped up hands. During these high intensity workouts, it’s not safe to wear a wedding ring. Not only would you scratch, dent and damage them. They also have a high chance of damaging your finger. Grizzly Rings are strong, flexible and durable. You will be able to complete anything that comes your way. You no longer need to take your ring off. Each ring is strong and thin, you won't even know you are wearing it.

See Grizzly Rings In Use