Women's White Athletic Ring

Grizzly Rings are the best alternative to the traditional wedding band. More than a rubber ring, these high grade silicone rings bring strength and comfort to the active lifestyle. Show off your commitment with these amazing silicone rings. Grizzly offers you the best way to focus on your love, life, and success. Don’t hesitate to take your commitment and success to the next level with Grizzly Rings. It’s time to feel the strength achieved in commitment.

Polar White
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Rubber Wedding Rings For Women

At Grizzly Rings, we believe everything starts with commitment. Commitment to your relationships, successes, and other goals. We know if you are committed, you can achieve anything. More than just a rubber ring, these high grade silicone rings bring strength and comfort to the active lifestyle show off your commitment with the best alternative to the traditional wedding ring.

Stamped with the Grizzly logo we believe in commitment to our relationships. Having someone with you increases your ability to achieve. Relationships help push you when you feel like you can’t go any further. We consider you all apart of the Grizzly Ring family. Grizzly is much more than a rubber ring. Thats why we use nothing but high quality silicone in our rings.  Wearing this high-grade silicone athletic ring can help you fulfill your fitness goals, experience new adventures and at the same time showcase your commitment, all without having to worry about damaging your ring. 

White Silicone Wedding Band Specs:

  • Dimensions: Men's 8.7mm wide, 1.6mm thick. Women's 5.5mm wide, 1.6mm thick
  • Non-Conducive
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Heat Resistant
  • Flexible
  • Durable

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Will my ring stretch?

Yes, one of the many benefits to our rings. They will stretch slightly to fit the shape of your finger. Each ring will stretch over your knuckles and quickly return to it’s size.

What if I'm a 1/2 size?

Because of the material of our rings, we do not need to make half sizes. If you are a half size, we suggest going down a size. For example, if you wear a 9.5 we suggest ordering a 9. this will insure that your ring fits comfortably and does not slide off your your finger.

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